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Zerodha's Educational Resources

Zerodha (An Indian FinTech company whose most popular product is a brokerage) has been producing a good amount of educational content. I haven’t yet gone through all of it but I hope to because it’s at the level where I am. Which is beginner level if you are wondering. It covers everything from broadly applicable advice like “Picking Mutual Funds” and “How CTC packages work” to how options trading works.

They have Varsity which has well-written documentation and also some video content like Zero1 . It’s easy to understand, has no annoying intrusive advertisements, and no product shilling which is the bane of today’s youtube. To top it off it is made for an Indian audience and has the applicable Indian context.

Too many good pieces of knowledge and documentation exist which fail for many audiences because they require a regional/geographic adaptation. Be it philosophy, environmentalism, or financial advice.

There are also a lot of promoters of bad financial advice these days be it popular finance books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” whose author is in a mess (and also otherwise talks complete bullshit) or random get-rich-quick schemes using crypto/options/stonks, etc Even if the advice doesn’t come from malice there is still a discrepancy about what’s being talked about. In this paper, someone did a meta-analysis about the difference between popular finance books and what professors said. It often came down to the professor being right but the population having varying levels of willpower and hence the author’s strategies accounting for it.

Of course, if you have the time and motivation then choosing fatter books with advanced math is the way but for others here’s a contender.